Eclipse Error: Failed To Create the Java Virtual Machine

failed create java virtual machine

Last Week, Our developers were setting up Android development environment. During that  ADT (Android development Tool Kit) setup phase, Eclipse generating error – “Failed To Create the Java Virtual Machine”. There might be couple of reasons behind this.Here are the error snapshot which occur when eclipse.exe executed. You may find some exiting solutions mention on […]

WordPress as an application development framework

Initially introduced as a blogging platform, WordPress has successfully made its way to the list of the most desirable web development platforms used all over the world. The ease of access and scalability of WordPress has made it a helpful tool for building both simple as well as complex websites. There’s no denying of the […]

How to Start /Create your Own Website in Minutes

getting started with creating website

This tutorial will teach you how you can start your own website in couple of minutes by using this knowledge.The article in intended for entire beginner level readers who want to know step by step guide about how to start a new website and setup your personal or business website in minutes.

How to install WordPress blog manually

create wordpress database

There are two ways to install wordpress on your domain via is automated wordpress installation  by Fantastico and other is manual wordpress installation. The first one is easier one but you should normally prefer manual installation.

How Magento online Store influences your ebusiness

magento online store customization

Online shopping has come of age! How many of us still remember our yester years shopping processes? We need  to travel a long way to shop in addition to numerous inconveniences like driving in the heavy traffic-flooded roads. Now we have access to stores all over the world, and products we never ever dreamt of […]